Saturday, 17 November, 2007

Run Google Talk From your Mozilla......!

Some time when your computer is running slow and you do not want to make it more slower by running any messenger like Gtalk or Rediffbol etc, but for instant chatting u need to use those messenger services.
A simple method is available here with which you can use Gtalk directly from your firefox(only if u use mozilla firefox as your internet browser),
remember that i am not telling you to login to your gmail and chat.. you can surf any site and use Gtalk in a side bar..
Surprised ...........!
It is trure, check this screenshots, how i am using gtalk in my mozilla...

The process is very simple its a matter of few second, expand the post from the "Read more" link the three simple step is given there....

There are a few reasons that Google Talk Gadget - Firefox combination is more efficient than the standalone program:

1. There is no need to install any software on your system.
2. Each chat session opens up as a tab (like Firefox browser tabs)
3. You can find all your Gmail and Google Talk contacts organized for you in the Talk Gadget.
4. It looks and feels the same on a Linux desktop as on a Windows laptop, and it also works on Macs. It is portable.
5. If you have a webpage or blog, you can put the Google Talk Gadget in those places too, so your visitors can sign in and start instant messaging right from your page.
6. You can now watch YouTube videos and see Picasa Web Albums photos inside of the Google Talk Gadget anytime someone IMs you a link or sets it as their status message.

Sure you can use this gadget on your google homepage but it's more useful to simply add it to your sidebar.

To add Google Talk Gadget to your Firefox sidebar:

1. Bookmark the following URL (right-click and choose Bookmark this link)

2. Goto Bookmarks menu
3. Navigate to the above bookmark
4. Right click and choose Properties
5. Tick the checkbox that says Load this bookmark in the sidebar
6. Now when u need Gtalk just open your bookmark an double left click on this link.

Now You are done, and You can see something like this in your browser:

happy Chatting.............!

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