Sunday, 16 December, 2007

Built In Camera In Your Wrist Watch....!

Now we can see different varieties of camera phones (i.e mobile phone with camera) all around us and every day companies are bringing up some latest model of camera phones..
have you ever heard of camera watch....?
Yes, a camera watch i.e a wrist watch witch contain a camera embedded in it, don't think that i am talking about a band new product in market with some latest technology..
ingact it is a very old concept...
It's a Kilfitt UKA 659 camerawatch and It's a one-of-a-kind prototype created during the 1960s in the Munich laboratory of famed optician Heinz Kilfitt..
Take alook....It has a 1.3mm-10.5mm lens, shutter speed from 1/15 sec to 1/1,000 sec, and it uses a custom film disc. It's drop-dead sexy in a Sean Connery-era James Bond sort of a way.
It's a product of 1960's but it is not a cheep one and if u want it is your own wrist then you have to act fast and cough up at least $60,000 if you want it...

Source : , ebay..

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jrexgis said...

great idea for this watch but i guess its a bit bulky for the model.. but still, cool watch want to have one myself :)

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SellUsedRolex said...

Kind of odd at first look.. but having a unique watch now-a-days is eye catching :)

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