Saturday, 8 December, 2007

Google Calender In Your Firefox side bar....!

If you have lots of To-do list and scheduler saved in your google calender and you really feel very boaring in loading up the official google website and check the calender for the saved task, then do this..
Set up a mini google calender in your mozilla firefox side bar..
If you remember my earlier post of setting google talk in firefox side bar then i think you will get it very easy ...
here is the link for you..!
Run Google Talk from Your mozilla...!

Here is the simple steps for setting up mini google calender in firefox side bar..

step 1 :
Create a new bookmark for the following link or drag this link to your bookmark toolbar :
...................... MINI GOOGLE CALENDER

step 2 :
Now right-click on your new bookmark link and select property, over there check the box that says, “Load this bookmark in sidebar” .
now you are done, open the bookmark and you will see some thing like this in your side bar :

I think these two simple steps is easy enough for any person and as always suggestion and comments are always welcome here in my blog, so do comment me for any improvement for this blog.

source : Firefoxfacts

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