Tuesday, 1 January, 2008

Fingertip Mini USB Speaker...

look at the size of this fingertip mini USB speaker which is like a cube and the size is like a dice and is intended for all MP3 / MP4 players / PDAs / Cell phones(mobile, handset) and iPod Models or any audio device with Audio Output, it is so small and so light weight that it can be tied with your keychain and you can carry it to every where..
it's small yet powerful and because it has a built in amplifier and Rechargeable Lithium Battery(3.7V, 210mA) which can be charged from USB.
It has a power out put of 0.8W and a maximum playing duration of 4 to 5 hr max.

The Fingertip Mini Cube Speaker is a plug and play device and can be bought with only $9.99 from USBfever..

Source : USBfever via Helpero.com

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