Friday, 16 January, 2009

Download Youtube Video in HD format ...

There are many ways by which videos from youtube can be downloaded to PC but we have noticed that its quality is very poor. Now Its been a long time since Youtube supporting video to be watched in HD quality and now not only this those video can also be downloaded in HD and MP4 format (for mozilla firefox user only, so get it from here) ..

There are two firefox add-ons which u have to install in the first add-ons everytime you watch a video you will get a direct download link of that video in HD and MP4 format ..

In the second one you will be able to view the video in HD quality everytime by default from youtube..

Download the two add-ons from here :

Source : Megaleecher

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Monday, 17 November, 2008

Stay cool and tension free with You Walk Away ...!

You Walk Away, LLC is located in San Diego and run by a team with over 50 years of combined real estate and legal experience and till then they strive to help people understand their rights and know their options so they do not feel helpless..!
They has partnered with a Law Firm that performs Forensic Loan Document Reviews which is a comprehensive investigation of the documentation from your existing loans and Loan Modifications in which a loan contract which is agreed to by the lender and the homeowner can be changed or modified ..
get yourself protected from foreclosure with their Foreclosure Protection Plan and keep yourself stress free...!

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Wednesday, 12 November, 2008

Play Video from a corrupted RAR file without extracting ...!

It is a very tantalizing situation when you download a .RAR file which is split into several part and after downloading all the part you see that the extraction is breaks because one of the file inside rar archive is corrupted.. :(
Anyways if the file is a video or audio file or it is a movie in that case you are safe because with "Diziobas Rar player" the movie can be viewed without even extraction the file, it do not effect if a part of the split archive is corrupted, the entire movie or video can be viewed smoothly.
Not only this with this smart software you can check video quality and preview video files before downloading all the parts..!

Isint it just awsome ? this program is based on MPlayer and it support all most common video files like AVI, MPGE, RMVB, OGG, MP3, RAR, MKV, MKA and also some more format which are even not so popular ...!
Download the software from here or click here to get the latest version directly..!

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Axacore !

If you are looking for a virtual server or virtual fax server and virtual fax appliance then Axacore could be the best option for you. Axacore is a privately-held core technology provider of faxing and document imaging solutions.. they are the key producer of FaxAgent, ScanAgent, and XDOC.
Their award-winning solutions are distributed worldwide through a network of partners, OEM providers, and direct sales delivering solutions to a broad range of industries, organizations, and enterprises of any size

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Thursday, 6 November, 2008

Give A CHROME look to Your Firefox ...!

By this time everyone is aware of Google Chrome, which is recently released browser by Google and many people has even started using it as it combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier...
But like me many Mozilla Firefox user thinks that they will not change there good old firefox as it is not creating any problem it is also very good web browser, particularly for these people who don't want to leave their current browser but still want a sleek Google Chrome theme, for them Chromifox 2 will be a great add-ons which is a coat of Chrome for Mozilla Firefox. Chromifox 2, a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox 3 on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome web browser...

Window user can get this freeware application directly from here or click here to get separately according to your Operating system ...!

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Thursday, 30 October, 2008

Microsoft Windows 7/Vienna transformation pack...!

Microsoft has officially confirmed that Windows 7 (Codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna) is not going to be released until early 2010.
Windows 7 is the next version of Microsoft Windows and the successor to Windows Vista. There was a rumors that the release date of Windows 7 to be June 3, 2009, but the according to the official news from Microsoft it is clear that we are not going to see the new OS anytime soon..
But you can have a look at the it with the new released Windows 7/Vienna transformation pack for windows XP v 3.0 Or get it directly from here

It is expected that it wont slow down your system because as said by a digit user that unlike vista transformation pack, This allows us to install each thing like boot screens, log on screen Manually which is better and doesnt slow down the system...
It also has an installation guide which is also very helpful ....

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