Sunday, 1 July, 2007

How To View and Download Deleted YouTube Videos.

People might be knowing how to download video from youtube, its really very simple. There are so many process for that. But there are some video which cannot be viewed. Its really a heart breaking situation when after a long search you get a message like this “This video is no longer available”..

What could be more tantalizing than something that you cannot see which is in front of you or something you are told that you cannot see this..
Yes, i am talking about viewing those videos that you cannot viewed in youtube or they says that “This video is no longer available”....
you might be thinking that what these guy is talking about, yes it is true,
Youtube does not delete its videos right away, it just removes them from normal public view. But with some videos it is possible to call them directly using a script found at delutube,
It allows you to view YouTube content that was deleted. The thing is, once it’s “deleted” it is not really deleted, this script merely undeletes the file. Its actually pretty entertaining to go through and view random deleted YouTube videos.

Here is a screenshot of a video that has been deleted from youtube but available on delutube...

This is how it works : To view the deleted video, just supply the YouTube video id and Deltube may retrieve the deleted video from YouTube for you.the, when you supply the id site tries to pull it from youtube and display it in a viewer.

How to get ID:

So, if you ever come upon the dreaded “This video is no longer available” grab the id from the Youtube page and try loading it with Delutube.
note : This does not work all the time, if it does not Delutube displays a message in the download box saying so. Videos get probably deleted physically as well after a period of time.

more tricks about youtube video is available in John's web page, or get all the tricks about youtube from here

if you know any more method for these topic or some other tricks for youtube videos please share them here..

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U can try any of the downloaders out there. I've been using one for a long time and it works very well. Have a look here

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