Friday, 6 July, 2007

Test Your Bandwidth Speed with Speedometer

Check your exact internet connection speed from the speedometer, it is a absolutely free service provided to you by A BELTRÓNICA. Check it yourself as many time as you want and maintain a regular graph , to challenge your internet provider.

This speedometer is a very important tool, of high precision and regularly calibrated so that it allows you to measure the speed of your access, as much downloads as uploads.
The speed of your Internet connection not only depends on the technical characteristics of your access as also of the traffic, day and hour. Therefore you must make some measurements to know the stability of your access.
A window with reports and graphs of all the tests, will be available to analyze the stability of your access.
When the variation between each reading will be inferior 5%, your access is considered steady. The speed of your access also varies in function of the place for where you is to receive or to send. This speedometer is a powerful tool that allows you to measure the speed of its access in the communications inside your country or in the international ones.

1. To measure the speed of your access inside your country

In this case, before making the measurement, your country or region, must be selected. If you don’t find your country, you must select the nearest one. For ex.: if you will be in United Kingdom, must be selected United Kingdom before the measurement being initiated. Once the country is selected, click in "TEST NOW" and waits, because in about 10 s, will be informed of the download measurement. After receiving the download value, waits again about 10 s and will be informed of the upload value. At this moment, a window with the report, table of measurements and graphs appears. If you to intend to make new measurements to verify the degree of stability of your access, click in "NEW TEST" and will come back to wait about 10 s receiving the download information and more about 10 s receiving from upload. You can in the end of each test, to click again in "NEW TEST", if you to intend some tests for better improvement of the degree of stability of your access. In the end, you can analyze in the window of the report, the graphs and tables of measurements on all the deed tests.

click this speedometer given below to know the speed of your bandwidth for download as well as for upload..

You ca also get it from the original home page of ABELTRONICA. Get it from here.
Or click here it will redirect you directly to the speedometer. this wonderful free service is brought to you by ABELTRONOCA, visit their home site not only checking your bandwidth speed also if you want you can put this speedometer on to your site , a step by step instruction is given there for this...

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