Tuesday, 4 September, 2007

Twenty20 World Cup 2007, South Africa From 11th September

The ICC Twenty20 World Championship is the international championship of Twenty20 cricket. The event is organised by the sport's governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and is contested by all Test-playing nations (currently the only ten teams officially allowed to play the longest form and highest level of cricket), plus qualifiers.
The inaugural ICC Twenty20 Cricket World will be taking place in South Africa in September. The games will be staged across the country at three venues; Newlands in Cape Town, Kingsmead in Durban and Wanderers in Johannesburg. All grounds have been associated with the game of cricket for a long time and are sure to be perfect venues for this world-class event.
Each of the three venues will host nine games and the 12 participating nations will be split into four groups comprising three teams to play in a round-robin format. The teams taking part in the 14-day tournament will comprise of 10 Test playing nations as well as Scotland and Kenya who have qualified by reaching the final of the 2007 WCL Division One tournament.
The format of the games will be similar to the Cricket World Cup. There will be three groups of 4 which will be followed by a Super Eights section, before the Semi Finals and the Final.
There will be 2 days of warm up matches taking place before the main tournament gets underway on Tuesday 11 September.
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The Laws of cricket apply to Twenty20 with some exceptions:

* Should a bowler deliver a no ball by overstepping the popping crease, it costs 2 runs and his next delivery is designated a free-hit, from which the batsman can only be dismissed through a run out, for hitting the ball twice, obstructing the field or handling the ball, as is the case for the original "no ball".

* Bowlers may bowl a maximum of only 4 overs per innings.

* Umpires may award 5-run penalty runs at their discretion if they believe either team is wasting time.

* If the fielding team do not start to bowl their 20th over within 75 minutes, the batting side is credited an extra 6 runs for every whole over bowled after the 75 minute mark; the umpire may add more time to this, if he considers the batting team is wasting time.

* The following fielding restrictions apply:
o No more than 5 fielders can be on the leg side at any time.
o During the first 6 overs, a maximum of 2 fielders can be outside the 30-yard circle.
o After the first 6 overs, a maximum of 5 fielders can be outside the fielding circle.

* If the match ends with the scores tied and there must be a winner, the tie is broken with a bowl-out (similar to a penalty shoot-out in football), with 5 bowlers from each side delivering 2 balls each at an unguarded wicket. If the number of wickets is equal after the first 10 balls per side, the bowling continues and is decided by sudden death.

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