Friday, 12 October, 2007

ASUS Initiates a Brand New Market of 19”W LCD Monitors

With high-resolution LCD displays increasingly gaining more popularity, Asus on (Taipei, Taiwan, October 9, 2007) announced the first 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor with WSXGA+ 1680x1050 high resolution – the minimum display resolution requirement for operating Windows Vista as recommended by Microsoft. This breakthrough series comes inclusive with the exclusive ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio Technology with a high contrast ratio 3000:1 and passes the WHQL tests to be certified for Windows Vista Premium version. The ASUS VW198 has an increase of 36% in resolution and shortens 15% pixel pitch to deliver finer image quality than normal 19-inch widescreen LCD monitors. With such cutting-edge enhancements, users will be able to perfectly experience high-resolution visual performance and see clearer details on the 19”W+ VW198. The Asus WV198’s base with concentric-circle lines is easily detachable for wall mounting, and the cable holder helps get rid of tangling cables and wires to keep desks neat.

Click on the ''Read more" more link to know more about this special product from asus with its specification. Also some other product soon will be launched and will be available in everywhere.

Some of the special features that includes in this wonderful release from ASUS is as follows..:

........(1) 19"W+ Format with Higher Resolution 1680x1050

........(2) 3000:1 High Dynamic Contrast Ratio for Sharper Images
........(3) Simple and Exquisite Design

........(4) Optimized Image Quality with Splendid Video Intelligence Technology.

CLICK HERE to know all the specification in detail..

Other product from ASUS.

ASUS has also launched two other top quality displays for consumers. The 22-inch widescreen VW222U adopts Trace Free Technology with the fastest 2ms response time to display the smoothest image quality, while the 20-inch widescreen VW202T incorporates HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) support and ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio Technology to deliver 2000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio. Both models are equipped with 1680x1050 high resolutions and are certified for Windows Vista Premium Version.

A Short Summery Of three special product of ASUS.

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