Tuesday, 13 November, 2007

Backup All Your Favorite Post From Blogger Backup Utility..!

It has been around six month since i started blogging, till then i had posted around thirty post and now these days i was thinking about how to make a backup of all my post that i made here. While searching through the internet i came to helpero.com where i got a wonderful free application known as blogger backup utility, with this you can backup all your favorite post to your hard drive ..
This application was made by Greg Duncan and it is absolutely free and extremely easy-to-use and gives lot of control over the backup process.

check out the screen shots of the application..

It was made Using the GData C# Library, the utility will walk backward in time, from your latest post to your last, saving each post to a local Atom/XML file."
The best thing about Blogger Backup utility is that it downloads all your posts and even your comments offline.

get your own copy of blogger backup utility from here

click on the "Read more" link for a short description of this software..

* Double left clicking on the Processing Results list will open the selected file

If you're backing up in the "One file per post" mode, when you double click on a Post title in the "Processed posts" list the given post will be opened in what ever program is configured to open *.XML files (i.e. Internet Explorer, etc)

* The way settings are saved was reworked from the ground up (Work Item #12082)

Settings are now saved via a "normal" process.
File/Open, File/New, File/Save, File/Save As menu items have been added.

You can now save your settings in the location that makes sense to you.
There is no more hidden, magical, registry or isolated storage being used. It's all in the one BBSettings file.

This also means you can backup your Settings, use them on different machines, etc.

Also each blog now has it's own group of settings.
So for one of your blogs you can choose to backup comments, whereas on another you can choose to NOT backup comments.

The Blogger Password IS NOT saved in the BBSettings file. Nor is it saved in any other location on the computer.
The WebProxy Password IS saved in the BBSettings file, but is encrypted using Microsoft's Data Protection API.

* The method of selecting blogs has been reworked from the ground up (Work Item #12081)

You can now manually add Blogger blogs to the list.
You don't have to login at all to backup your blog.

NOTE: The Blogger Backup utility uses your Public Feed to backup your posts.
If your feeds are off, then nothing can be backed up
If your feeds are set to Summary, then only those Summary feeds will be backed up.

I am looking into providing support for private feed backup support (but that will require you to log in to backup your blog...)

Also Restoring Posts of course requires you to log in...

* Updated the GData.Net (Google Data API for .NET) library to the latest release version (

* Added Log4Net logging

Logging is on by default and for all levels.
No sensitive information (i.e. password) is meant to be logged.
BUT since errors/exceptions are logged, and I'm not in control of all of those, I cannot guarantee that those exceptions will not include sensitive information.

By default the logs will be created in your Application Data folder and be called ApplicationLog.txt.
The logs are "rolling", meaning each time you start the program, you get a fresh new log file
Only the most recent 5 historical logs are saved (for a total of 6 log files, the current log and 5 historical logs)

A Help/View Logs menu item has been added to open the folder where the logs are...

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