Saturday, 1 March, 2008

9600 GT GPU Based Cards from ASUS...!

The grand Mother Board manufacturer ASUS has recently released it's all new EN9600GT series of graphics cards, It's consists of three version and these are EN9600GT TOP/HTDI/512M, the ASUS EN9600GT TOP/HTDI/512M and EN9600GT/HTDI/512M.
Among these cards, the EN9600GT TOP will come with boosted speeds across the board in relation core, shader, and memory clock performance. These boots will be from 650MHz up to 720MHz, 1625MHz up to 1800MHz, and from 1.8GHz up to 2GHz respectively...!
These cards will also incorporate the Glaciator Fansink – a specially designed fansink that is able to effectively dissipate heat away from the GPU to help lower temperatures – much like real-life glacial storms. Besides cooling capacity, it is also ultra quiet with operating levels of only 25dB – almost imperceptible in a quiet room..!
Vinay Shetty, Product Manager, Component Business, ASUS India says,"The ASUS EN 9600GT TOP /HTDI / 512M graphics card is designed to synchronize the strengths of the Chipset and ASUS innovation and technology to give users that little extra when it comes to performance and quality. With 10% Engine clock Boost and Extreme cooling solutions gamers can now experience superb gaming and better graphical performance."

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