Wednesday, 5 March, 2008

HDD Rack Super Combo with Quad-Interface.

If you have many hard disk and you find it difficult to connect them every time by opening the cabinet and also you cannot keep them connected all the time because many mother board do not support more than two hard disk at a time and that too slow down the PC massively...!
I think this HDD Rack Super Combo may solve your problem because with this you can access any of your hard drive from your USB just as we use external hard disk or USB pen drive...!

It is basically a simple hard disk cradle that allows users to access numerous hard disk instantly with a quick insert. It do not require any installation drive, it is a plug and play device which support XP, Vista and Mac.
It supports 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch size hard disk and provides the industry best quad-interface from USB, E-SATA, FireWire 400 to 800. It will be available late March for the price of $165.33. and you can also get it from Geekstuff4U..!

Source : Slashgear

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