Friday, 17 August, 2007

FIFA SOCCER 08. Its coming soon..............!

Today is a big day in soccer video games, For all gamerz specially the FIFA lovers encircle the date September 28 on your calendar. That is the official launch for FIFA 08,
Electronic Arts has officially confirmed the launch date for its latest annual football title,FIFA Soccer 08. September 28, 2007 is the date when keen soccer fans from around the world will be able to net themselves a copy of the fully licensed sports title.

...............Check out the video of upcoming FIFA08,

...............Special Features That will be available on FIFA08 :
Most features return from FIFA 07 such as the Manager Mode and the Interactive Leagues. Gameplay has changed though FIFA 08 now has a new engine that enables players on the team to react to situations around them and make decisons just like in real life. This is called a 35-point decision engine.
Other new gameplay features include much improved shooting. After the ball is hit infinite factors now affect the ball; including ball spin, pressure from defenders, player attributes, and even air resistance and air pressure to truly re-create the unpredictable world of shooting a football. The game will also have a new feature that will allow the player to take control of an individual player for the entire match called "Be-A-Pro" mode
The most stunning feature that will available in FIFA 08 is the Nintendo Wii version, this is used to control a player's body with the analog stick used to control the direction of the player's movement, this special feature will delivers animations and ball control that is so responsive you feel like you are actually on the pitch
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...............New Teams, Club and Players are added
FIFA 08 will include 620 licensed teams, 30 leagues (with all 27 leagues from FIFA 07), and more than 15,000 players included. This is 20% more than what featured in FIFA 07 on current generation format.
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A short interview was taken from Andrew Wilson, executive producer of football at EA, to find out what the next-gen can do for football games.
They ask him what will they offer that we haven't seen before? Surely it's not just a case of better graphics and more stats than we actually give a Klaxon about? To find out they grilled - and they do mean grilled - the man almost in charge of FIFA for EA
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Ronaldinho and all the FIFA 08 cover stars bring a passion for the sport that is raw and true. They enjoy helping us bring that real-world experience into the game," said Matt Bilbey, International Director, EA Sports. "Their expert skills, commitment to success and passion for football inspire our development team and help us make FIFA 08 the most natural-feeling football videogame in the world
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So all gamers around the world just wait for 28 September 2007, then run to your game store and grab a licensed copy of FIFA08 and have fun this new-generation game...

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