Tuesday, 7 August, 2007

Give Your Vote, For the Best Post...

It has been around two month since I had started blogging, till then I had given my best to provide different type of post in different topic, what i noticed that day by day the number of visitors in my blog is increasing simultaneously my adsense income through google ads also increased, this makes a sense to me that all my post are helpful to my visitors and i am really thankful to all my visitor who had visited my blog.
Now i would like to have my viewer feedback regarding the post on my blog. It is not possible to have direct interaction with all of you, what i am going to do is that i am making a poll which contain some of my best post and I want everyone to vote for the best post according to them,

Here i am mentioning the name of some of my best post.

....(1).... Enjoy a Happy and Sleep'y Downloading, During 2to 8.

....(2).... Maximize your downloading speed from Utorrent.

....(3).... How To View and Downlod Deleted YouTube Video.

....(4).... Placement Paper of Some Leading IT Companies.

....(5).... The All In One, Nokia N95.

If you want to review the above mention post, just click over it and it will redirect you there.
So please vote in the voting poll given below and let me know the particular topic on which I should concentrate in my blogsphere.
Apart from these five post there are four more post are there in my blog it is not necessary that you have to vote only out of these five, you ca vote for any post out the nine post in my blog, In that case please write the post title in the "others" of the polling box.
Your suggestion and comments are always welcome to my blogsphere, so please leave them in my comments box.

Here is your polling box :

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