Saturday, 10 November, 2007

Timber Wolf Gaming Keyboard from WolfKing ..!

Everyone(specially the computer gamerz) wants to have the competitive advantage over their opponents, but until recently, there hasn't been much in the way of hardware to improve their ability. WolfKing set out to do just that, with their creation of the Timber Wolf Gaming Keyboard.

Its unique key configuration allows you to easily and comfortably access all the keys pertinent to success in any first-person shooter, while still maintaining all the functions of your basic keyboard (and then some if you consider the eight Internet hot keys). So let's not waste any more time, and get to the good stuff.

After minimal use of the keypad, you'll find yourself improving above and beyond your previous capabilities. The major benefit to this is that your most important keys will be available to you with hardly any movement of your hand at all. In a first-person shooter, speed is everything, and being able to out-maneuver your opponent is a huge advantage.

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The keyboard itself is only slightly larger (by about 2" in each direction) than your average keyboard. Its 6 foot cord is also long enough to get the keyboard into a comfortable position.

The first, and most differentiating, feature of this keyboard is its FPS (First Person Shooter) Gaming Pad. This pad sits on the left side of the keyboard, and is an absolute dream for anyone who plays a First-Person Shooter style game. Two unique features about this part of the keyboard are its vertical space bar, and its K-lock key.

In any FPS (the gaming this keyboard was designed for), the default key for the "jump" binding is the space bar, which is one of the more frequented keys on any keyboard. The vertical space bar is designed to fit perfectly under your thumb, while using the W, A, S, and D keys for directional movement.

Many keyboards today include internet hotkeys that help to simplify and speed up internet browsing. The Timerwolf Gaming Keyboard also includes 8 internet hotkeys for this very purpose.

For those who like to type at a slight incline, the keyboard has plastic "risers" that will lift the rear of the keyboard by about a half an inch.

After many hours of gaming, internet browsing, and reviewing, we've started to grow fond of this keyboard. The keystrokes are solid and quiet, and along with a 10 million keystroke life rating, it'll make for a worthwhile keyboard for non-gaming activities. Its 8 internet hotkeys allow for easy internet browsing, which are a large improvement for its out-of-gaming usability.

The only limitation to this keyboard falls on those with larger hands. For you, the keyboard may seem slightly cramped. This problem can be solved if you take into consideration that it's a USB connection, and realize it can be easily connected for gaming use, and disconnected shortly thereafter.


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