Thursday, 8 November, 2007

Pay From Your Mobile/mcheck For Your Online Shopping

Monday, November 05, 2007: E-commerce and travel portals,,, and, have introduced the mChek mobile payments solution to enable a secure and express payment option for consumers. The service is initially available to all customers on Airtel with Visa or MasterCard credit cards and will subsequently be expanded to customers of other telecom operators as well as to debit card holders.

smart and simple way for users to make payments using their mobile phone and a credit card. Developed according to global best practices in the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards, mChek allows consumers to do a one-time linkage of their credit cards to their mobile phone with a user-selected mChekPIN. Once this is done, users can pay for goods on participating websites in two simple steps:

you need to expand the post from "Read more" link to know those two simple step and to know more about mcheck.

* Select the pay by Mobile/mChek payment option on the participating website and enter their mobile number.

* Authorise the transaction by entering their mChekPIN on their mobile phone

Only after the mChekPIN has been successfully entered on the mobile phone does the customer’s credit card get processed. Most importantly, the mChekPIN is never stored in the ‘sent items’ ensuring that no sensitive data is found if a mobile phone is lost or stolen.

“mChek is committed to leveraging the convenience and security offered by the mobile phone for enabling secure remote payments - a win-win for both consumers and merchants,” said Sanjay Swamy, CEO of mChek.

“Together with our launch partners,,, and, we are delighted to offer unparalleled security and convenience to consumers and are confident this will enable consumers to shop more confidently on the Internet”.

"mChek, an innovative mobile payment solution, is a new, quick, easy to use payment option that opens up a new customer base for FutureBazaar,” said Sankarson Banerjee, CEO, Future Bazaar.

“India is the fastest growing telecom market in the world,” said Rajaram S., Business Head - e- Commerce, Sify Technologies Ltd.

“Sify understands that convenience will continue to remain the ‘core’ proposition in e-commerce and with a growing telecom subscriber base, m-commerce is clearly the future of e-commerce. We believe that mChek has a very unique and elegant process for m-commerce and are very glad to partner with them towards taking our services to the mobile customer of tomorrow.”

“mChek is a secure and convenient to use m-commerce solution. Indiatimes is looking to work with mChek in making m-commerce convenient and accessible to the rapidly expanding mobile consumers,” said Upen Roop Rai , Director, Times Internet Ltd.

“Express checkout is a key consumer convenience that we believe is achieved through mChek. Payment completion time is reduced as compared to existing modes of online payment since details being entered are less, at the same time it has added safety and security”, said Mudit Khosla, Founding General Manager,

With the explosive growth of mobile subscribers, mChek offers a secure and convenient way to process payments using the mobile phone. The 200 million mobile subscribers in India are attractive potential customers for e-Commerce websites and travel portals.

mChek is an ISO 27001, PCI-DSS 1.1 certified m-commerce company, funded by Draper Fisher Jurvetson. mChek has developed several patent-pending applications in the areas of authentication, security and banking on the mobile phone.

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