Monday, 5 November, 2007

Windows Mobile 6.1, Coming Soon...

Most Microsoft-powered smartphones being released today are powered by some form of Windows Mobile 6, but it seems like the popular mobile operating system is due for another update. It's not exactly Windows Mobile 7, but the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 will bring about a whole new user interface similar to the one found on the Vodafone Treo 500v.
Other updates to be included in Windows Mobile 6.1 are improved WiFi connectivity, Exchange integration, and better implementation of Bluetooth technology. The announcement of the "new" OS is rumored for February 2009 with an actual launch on actual handsets tentatively scheduled for May 2009.

Expand the post from "Read more" link to know more about the special factor that is coming with Windows Mobile 6.1 is Carousel.

The carousel (check out The Unwired Video of the interface) is actually really cool. You move left or right to switch between different "zones" and then up and down to choose an "action." The idea is that instead of thinking in terms of "applications," you can think in terms of "what do I want to do today?" (Ah, Microsoft slogans, how I love them). So instead of having to go into the Tasks app to make a new task, you just flip to the proper portion of the carousel to do it directly.

6.1 is apparently going to be a vertical scroller with horizontal options in place of the 500v's horizontal scroller. Improved WiFi, Exchange integration, and Bluetooth are also in the mix.

I wasn't expecting any significant improvements to Windows Mobile until we saw Photon hit. Careful readers will note that this interface sounds quite a bit like the recent patent in Microsoft filed
Windows Mobile version 6.1 likely to be out sometime in February of 2009? According to the grapevine a few stories were up here and there but nothing concrete was confirmed.
While any details of the UI at this stage are just speculation, We are sure that we can expect a few surprises that should turn our heads. Till then, stay connected.

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