Friday, 18 April, 2008

Fujitsu Is Working On a Wood Finished Notebook...!

It was long time back when I posted about the Ecobook Laptop from Asus, which is almost 50% encased with bamboo and recyclable cardboard and now i saw in Slashgear that Fujitsu is working on a complete wood shelled laptop. Fujitsu is very much well known for bringing up new design laptop, one of my favorite product of Fujitsu is already posted here in this blog which is Fabric PC..!

Now this time they are working on a Wood finished Note book which will be completely covered in wood from top to bottom and it will come with semi-creepy hemp bag that is either part of the laptops wooden casing or just comes with the laptop is not yet known but it would be cool either way..
Information regarding pricing and hardware specification is not yet known but will be updated here very soon..!

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