Friday, 18 April, 2008

PC Gaming Vests...!

A very good news for all gamerz around the World is that here we have a very good idea to make gaming experience more realistic with Gaming Vests, in which you can feel every kick, punch or bullet not only this here you can Experience G-forces like never before. All in all here you will Get lost in a whole new world of realistic gaming without any pain or danger..!
The vest was developed by TN Games and has recieved impressive media attention since it's launch in 2007 and till then they are really very proud to be the first ever independent website solely devoted to the revolution that is the gaming jacket...!
If you are looking to Buy Gaming Vest then get the latest information from the website and save a lot of money. At the moment there are very few stockist's of the gaming vests. As with all new technology it takes a while for the momentum to build and stores to realize the potential.
you have a chance to be one of the first people to experience the excitement and realism that gaming vests offer. They have 2 sizes which are available to fit any size or shape, and a range of colors and designs, there is a vest to suit everyone ...!
If You are still wondering what are gaming vest is? then i can say that It looks like a military style vest – something like you would place Kevlar into. Inside well placed pockets are packs of plastic and air generators.
When you are shot, kicked, stabbed or punched (or any other type of physical force damage) these bags fill quickly with air in the location that you were struck in game. This gives the sensation of being hit (without the pain!). The same applies to flying a jet or driving a car. Several bags will fill up and press against your body to give you this sensation of pressure.

Here is a short explanation about how Gaming vests works :

Using some of the most advanced technology around, gaming vests are able to replicate the effects of bullet fire and other contact like nothing else available.
This means you are able to experience gameplay with more realism, more excitement, and more adrenaline than you ever have before.

There are 8 contact points, 4 on your chest and 4 on your back.

At each of these points there is a small pouch that contains air. When you receive a hit in the game, one or more of these pouches will quickly fill with air to simulate the impact.

Hope this information will help you to built up a real gaming experience with Gaming vests, Enjoy....!

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